"WrapUp beeswax wraps are made from 100% cotton,

pure natural beeswax, pine resin, 100%

organic coconut oil & jojoba oil"

Product Care

Caring for WrapUp beeswax wraps is simple: 


  • Wipe with a damp cloth or soapy sponge and leave to dry on your dishrack. Only use cold water. 

  • Store in a drawer with your tea towels, away from direct heat and sunlight. We suggest you store them in your tea towel drawer, however, a friend of ours stores hers in with her Cling wrap and foil as a reminder to grab them first! We think this is a brilliant idea!

  • Don't use WrapUps to cover uncooked meat, chicken, fish or hot food and don't put in the oven or microwave. 

  • If cared for properly, WrapUp beeswax wraps should last for up to 12 months. 


Helping your WrapUp beeswax wrap to last longer:


Sometimes from overuse - you just can’t help it because they are soooo good you will find they may need a freshen up to help them last. It’s very simple to do.


  1. Preheat oven to around 100degrees celsius

  2. Pop the wrap on a tray lined with baking paper into the oven

  3. Wait at least 2-3 minutes or until you can see the wax remelting into the fabric before removing from oven

  4. Allow to cool on the try - be careful as it will be very hot!

  5. Your WrapUp wrap is now as good as new and ready to use.


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