WRAP UP | Eco-friendly and easy to use beeswax wraps

"WrapUp beeswax wraps are made from 100% cotton,

pure natural beeswax, pine resin, 100%

organic coconut oil & jojoba oil"

Environmentally friendly beeswax wraps - Australia
Environmentally friendly beeswax wraps - Australia

WrapUp beeswax wraps are an eco-friendly and effective way to store a variety of foods including cheeses, veggies, cakes and slices, bread and sandwiches or left-overs - any foods you want to keep fresh for longer! 


Three great reasons to use WrapUp beeswax wraps:


1. They are reusable and environmentally friendly. We handmake and fold each one in our farm kitchen in North West NSW.


2. They allow food to breathe rather than sweat like plastic bags etc which allows fresh produce to stay fresher for longer! This is very appealing to us as we only shop once a fortnight at the most!


3. They make a statement! The fabrics we use have been carefully chosen to decorate your fridge, lunch box or kitchen bench!


How to use WrapUp beeswax wraps: 


Simply mould the WrapUp around the food item or container to help shape and provide a seal with the warmth of your hands. 

If your wraps become a bit less ‘sticky’ over time, just scrunch them up and then pull apart; you can do this multiple times to reinvigorate them.

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