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LightenUp Handmade began with just two of us - sisters - who grew up in the western foothills of the Warrumbungles on a family farm in Central West NSW. We share a passion for beautiful textiles and elegant homewares.


Jenny, who is based in Canberra, is the calming force behind the scenes. She is full of great ideas and has a flair for interior design. Jenny also brings a wealth of business knowledge and computer skills to LightenUp Handmade.


I (Vanessa) am the creative one - I plough ahead and think about stuff later! I hand make our lamp shades with love on a broad-acre property 'Ibon', west of Rowena on the North West Plains, NSW. We get together every couple of months to workshop new ideas or have an intensive few days of lampshade making either at ‘Ibon’ or in Canberra. Between us we have found a great balance.


LightenUp Handmade was established after an epiphany one day on the long drive home from visiting my children at boarding school. Farm life in rural Australia can be challenging so in a bid to distract myself from the hardship of a long drought, I found that channelling my creativity into crafting lampshades was not just a creative outlet but was also beneficial for my mental health.


I asked Jenny to come on board as a partner. At that stage, we had no idea how to make lampshades we just knew that was what we wanted to do. So… we went to a course in Sydney (with our other darling sister Sue - who is our greatest supporter) and LightenUp Handmade was born in August 2017.


Since then, sister Sue has joined our team as Accounts & Logistics Manager and my super organised and gorgeous daughter Zoe is our part-time (we wish she was full-time) PA extraordinaire! 


We added to our lampshade collection at the beginning of 2018 to include beautiful hand-turned timber lamp bases designed by us and made in Melbourne.

We always endeavour to use Australian designers and Australian made fabrics. If you can't quite find exactly what you are looking for on our website, contact us, we can help source a fabric that is just right for your needs.


Thank you for visiting our website and supporting our small business. Happy perusing…

Jenny & Vanessa

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